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This is the kind of thing you want to scream about.

Luckily for josephides, she's too nice to yell at. Hmph.

So I finally got over to Gateworld.net just now and read the Joseph Mallozzi Chat.

This part, though not earthshatteringly um...earthshattering, still gave me an idea:

SG-1rules: Hi Joe, nice to finally meet you. I was just wondering if there was anything in particular you do to gain inspiration for writing an episode, and what you do if you end up with writer's block?

J_Mallozzi: That's what a writing partner is for. If I get stuck, I pass it off to Paul. It also helps to discuss whatever obstacle you've come up against with your fellow writers.

So the idea: I AM OFFICIALLY OPEN FOR BUSINESS. What I mean is, if you have doubts, or want to bounce an idea around, you can probably post it here and have it (hopefully) examined by some people.

So, my little question today, about Jonas Quinn characterization: Do you think Jonas would ever get drunk and ...uh...say some things he would regret?

*Talk amongst yourselves*
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