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As always, I do things ass-backwards.


I joined this community not for help with my muse. No she's really awesome and always coming up with really neat, fun ideas. She (let's call her Nina) is one of those funky chicks with multi-colored hair, a biting sense of humor, and all the generosity in the world. I love her dearly, and she entertains me, day and night, with thousands of possibilities and ideas.

She's also an incurable romantic who can't come up with a non-romantic plot to save her cute little head.

Unfortunately for this relationship, I'm the one with the corporeal fingers. I'm also shallow, easily distracted, and quickly bored. I like people telling stories to *me* rather than telling them to other people. Vocally, I can't tell a story to save my life unless I'm damn tired, or it's 3am.

So, basically, I'm here because Nina's about had it with me. She won't give me Sam/Jack plots, and she's run screaming down the way when I hint that I might like to write more Obidala. She says I'm all about the 'trappings' of writing rather than the 'spirit'.

Please support Nina. She's about to give up on her pacifist ways and beat me with a board.
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